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Miss Texican - Texican SpecialtyTexican Specialty Products was established in 1987 by Don Spilger for the sole purpose of developing a vehicle which would better address the storage, heating and serving of corn tortilla chips traditionally offered in Mexican food restaurants. Previously, choices to the operator were limited; custom built heated drawer systems, heat lamps or bun warmers. These alternatives are expensive to operate, offer minimum sanitation and are subject to high maintenance costs. What was needed was a serving system that was durable, easy to clean and maintain, reduced chip breakage and provided ease of operation for loading and serving. Thus, the Texican Tostada Dispenser was born.

The first Texican Tostada Dispenser debuted to the food industry during the Texas Restaurant Association Exposition of 1989 in Houston, TX and was well received. No one had seen anything quite like this before. 

TCD 3 drawing - Texican Specialty

What a great idea! 

Just what we need! But great ideas are only as good as your ability to sell them. After several years of doggedly persistence and a number of design changes, Texican Tostada Dispensers achieved a deserved reputation as a quality product. The best solution to serving tortilla chips. As a result, more and more operators are turning to Texican Tostada Dispensers to solve their chip service problems. We now manufacture a variety of serving cabinets for chips and other foods. Cabinets designed to provide operators with options that work. Supported by an impressive network of restaurant equipment dealers and food distributors, Texican products are now sold nationwide.